Development path

  • 1985Started from one small house workshop with 20 square meters, make external processing with an ordinary transformation of lathe.
  • 1987Named the factory “Rongshun”. Rongshun is from the the name of the parent agricultural tool. 10 lathes and 40 grinder machines.
  • 1992Completed the industrial line of production of wheel bolts and pin shafts with whole process of feeding, lathes, drilling machines, rolling teeth, heat treatment and grinding machines.
  • 1996Expanded the factory, increased the new products of universal joint and differential spider.
  • 2000Brought in punch equipment, finished the own production line of shaft sleeve and trailer pin’s processing.
  • 2002Named New Rongshun and moved the factory to industrial area of Quanzhou.
  • 2004Brought in advanced production line with mesh belt type heat treatment in the factory with 15,000 square meters.
  • 2009Increased the punch equipments, completed the independent production line of king pin, spring pin, punch pin, universal joint, differential spider, gear, roller and otther series of auto parts.
  • 2012Completed the 40,000 square meters of factory building, as one integrated office area with office, dormitory, staff living area, warehouse, workshop.
  • 2017Built new company named Guanwei specialized for international trading business.