King Pin Repair Kit KP-129 For Nissan OEM 40025-90228


Kingpin repair package, used for the steering system of the chassis system of the automobile, the steering knuckle is one of the main parts of the steering bridge of the automobile, the function of the steering knuckle is to bear the load of the automobile front, support and drive the front wheel around the kingpin rotation and make the automobile turn. In the car driving state, it bears variable impact load, therefore, it is required to have a very high strength, at the same time, the steering system is an important safety parts of the car, the car steering knuckle repair package, involving the kingpin, bushing, bearing and other accessories.


king pin repair kit king pin rebuild kit KP-137


King Pin Repair Kit KP-129 For Nissan OEM 40025-90228

KP-137, OEM 40025-90929, SIZE 47X239_DSC8858_(1).jpg

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