How to tune and maintain the differential spider kit

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The differential spider kit is a fairly complex mechanism that does a simple task, mainly making the wheels spin at different speeds. Think of a corner of the car that gets bogged down: the inside wheels travel a shorter distance than the outside wheels. If you don't have a differential spider kit, the tires inside will spin too much, either causing your car to roll through corners or go out of the way and spin out. Because whatever the outcome is desired, the difference is used to help the vehicle smooth corners. Let's take a look at the maintenance of the differential spider kit.

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Step 1: Grease the O-rings of the differential spider kit.
The differential spider kit takes time to assemble. Start by replacing the differential spider kit O-rings and other seals. As long as you have an o-ring, it is a good idea to use a good amount of grease to help seal and protect them from binding or cutting during assembly.

Step 2: Make sure the gears of the differential spider kit are normal.
Check your manual and make sure you have the proper spacers on your diffs. this is very important! If you're missing a spacer, don't keep running until it's replaced. Improper shimming can cause premature wear and eventual failure of your differential spider kit.

The third step: add liquid and grease.
At this point, the two differential spider kit halves prepare the internal gears and some oil or grease. Install the bevel gear and add a little oil. There are lots of little pockets where the oil seeps in, and it seems to go a bit faster if you put some oil in before the differential spider kit. Assemble the gear spiders on the shafts properly shimmed and put them in case of differences, making sure that the notches on the shafts line up. Fill the gap to the top of the case to hold the star gear pin in place. If you're using black grease, it's okay to fill it up to this extent.

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