What are the advantages of leaf spring shackle pin

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The leaf spring shackle pin has a small floating area, and the distance between the center jaws of the front area is 4 mm to 5 mm shorter than that of the SKF drafting and pressing system, which meets the requirements of small jaws, small center distance, small floating area and small apron jaws , it has significant effect on effectively controlling the fiber movement in the main drafting zone, improving evenness, reducing yarn defects, coarse details, neps and improving spinning quality. The three-roller double-short apron drafting of the car can make the movement of the sliver under good control, and the suitable spinning count can be significantly improved. Due to the direct pressure, there is no internal friction loss in this cradle.

leaf spring shackle pin
    Since the cross-sectional size of the steel plate material used in the automobile leaf spring is much larger than that of the coil spring steel wire, the elasticity of the automobile leaf spring is significantly improved, and its strain capacity is correspondingly increased. Under the same pressure condition, the deformation of the leaf spring is only 8.7% of the deformation of the coil spring. . Therefore, after the leaf spring is compressed, the deformation force is very large, and no slow elastic and plastic deformation will occur.
    At the same time, the leaf spring shackle pin can adjust the roller center distance online, which has the advantages of simple and accurate adjustment. The leaf spring and the top of the top roller holding claw turn are fixedly connected to the positioning turn, and the top roller positioning spring is installed, the three are connected as one, and the holding center line is parallel to the top roller center line. Since the holding claw turns are ground after positioning, the processing precision is high, which can ensure stable and reliable pressure. The gripping width of the top roller core and the cradle is 10 mm wider than that of SKF.
    The leaf spring shackle pin pressurization system adopts the steel upper pin, which has the advantages of high processing precision, good finish, not easy to deform, good spinning quality, simple mechanism, easy management and maintenance, and accurate pressurization, which makes the apron run flexibly and also provides Shrinking the planktonic zone created the conditions.